About me

Well, as you probably have already guessed, my name is Alex Robb. I'm years old and I totally didn't just calculate my age with Javascript so that I don't have to update it myself, because I'm lazy. I am an aspiring web developer and a hobbyist music producer. My soundcloud is pretty much a hunk of trash so I will probably create a new one sometime in the future. Anyways, I spend a lot of my free time messing around with code and playing video games. (You can find the link to my steam account here.) I am kinda sorta trying to learn C++ with Code:Blocks and Java with Netbeans right now but it's a lot harder than Javascript at the moment.

The games I play on Steam are usually TF2, Dead Island, and not much else at the moment. (Having a bad time on Undertale.) Hit me up if you want to play anything like that with me. If you see me online I'm probably lonely AF and wishing I had a life.

Onto the music aspect of me. I LOVE drum and bass with a passion. I enjoy pretty much any subgenre of it, be it liquid or neurofunk. Here is an example of what I like listening to. Some of my favourite artists include KOAN Sound, Fred V & Grafix, Netsky, Nosia (at least their DnB tracks), among others. As I mentioned earlier, I like to produce music as well. Most of it is pretty bad, however I try to improve in what ever ways I can. Most of what I produce is DnB which is to be expected of me, however I do sometimes go into chillstep and trip hop(?). But really, I will just make whatever the hell I feel like at the time. Besides all these computery generated sounds and beeps and boops music, I do enjoy some alternative rock and metal. For example, I enjoy Muse, Radiohead, Gorillaz, among a few others I can't recall right now because I am typing this out at 12:25 AM. Because of these bands I decided to buy a bass guitar and learn a few songs, and if I do say so myself I am kinda decent at playing bass.

So here are some random facts and stuff.